Monday, October 3, 2016

Series 37: Yellowstone

Yellowstone has been photographed so much that it's hard to add much new to the canon--but I'm a sucker for beautiful places, so here's my contribution anyway.

Image 1: Evening in Hayden Valley

Image 2: Brink of Lower Yellowstone Falls

Image 3: Lower Yellowstone Falls and Grand Canyon

Image 4: Lower Yellowstone Falls

Image 5: Hayden Valley

Image 6: River of Fire

Image 7: Micro-terraces

Image 8: Grand Prismatic Spring

Image 9: Hot Spring

Image 10: Abstract Art

Image 11: Curtains of Steam at Old Faithful

Image 12: Lakeside Pool

Image 13: Grand Prismatic Spring II

Image 14: Abstract Art II

Image 15: Small Prismatic Spring

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