Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Series 51: Bryce Canyon National Park

Image 1: Bryce Amphitheater Before Dawn
In this 135-degree panoramic view, the colors are muted in the soft, pre-dawn light with the pastel sky complementing badland slopes.

Image 2: Bryce Amphitheater At Sunrise - 3x1
The same view as the sun first peeks over the horizon, igniting the towers and punching up the contrast of the scene.

Image 3: In the Hoodoos I

Image 4: Bryce Amphitheater - Rock on Fire I

Image 5: Bryce Amphitheater - Sunrise Detail I

Image 6: Bryce Amphitheater - Pre-Dawn Detail I

Image 7: Bryce Amphitheater - Banded Colors I

Image 8: Bryce Amphitheater - Banded Colors II

Image 9: Bryce Amphitheater - Rock on Fire II

Image 10: Bryce Amphitheater - Banded Colors III

Image 11: Bryce Amphitheater - Sunrise Detail II

Image 12: TheTwo Towers
(Barad-dûr and Orthank)

Image 13: Bryce Amphitheater - Rock on Fire III

Image 14: Bryce Amphitheater - Pre-Dawn Detail II

Image 15: Bryce Amphitheater - Sunrise Detail III

Image 16: Bryce Amphitheater - Rock on Fire IV

Image 17: Bryce Amphitheater at Sunrise I

Image 18: Bryce Amphitheater at Sunrise II

Image 19: The Queen's Garden I

Image 20: The Queen's Garden II

Image 21: The Queen's Garden III
I love how the badlands seem to swirl into the layers of rock, almost like breaking waves.

Image 22: In the Hoodoos II

Image 23: Bryce Amphitheater at Sunrise III - 2x1
This wide angle, 135-degree panoramic view captures the majesty of the scene and the vibrant contrast of colors on the stone towers, depending on your angle towards the light.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Series 50: The Grand Canyon

Image 1: At Sunset I

Image 2: At Sunset II

Image 3: At Sunset III

Image 4: At Sunset IV

Image 5: At Sunset V
A 180-degree panorama

Image 6: At Sunrise I

Image 7: At Sunrise II

Image 8: At Sunrise III

Image 9: At Sunrise IV
A 180-degree panorama

Series 49: Monument Valley

Image 1: The Mittens I

Image 2: The Mittens II

Image 3: The Mittens III

Image 4: Butte

Image 5: The Goosenecks

Series 48: Natural Bridges National Monument

Image 1: Under the Bridge

Image 2: Canyon Giant

Image 3: Horse Collar Ruins I

Image 4: Horse Collar Ruins II

Image 5: Horse Collar Ruins III

Image 6: Family

Image 7: Bridge Span

Image 8: Hidden Ruins

Series 47: Needles in Canyonlands National Park

Image 1: First Light on the Needles

Image 2: Entering the Needles

Image 3: Virginia Park I

Image 4: Virginia Park II

Image 5: Virginia Park III

Image 6: Virginia Park IV

Image 7: Last Light

Image 8: Canyon of Mystery