Sunday, October 2, 2016

Series 36: Arches and Island in the Sky

Image 1: Devil's Garden After Storm
This photo spans about 120 degrees from side to side, and about 90 degrees from top to bottom--so you are on a fin, looking down at the rocks and bushes below you, while simultaneously looking across to Skyline Arch on the horizon on the left, and the Devil's Garden trailhead on the right. What a view! 

Image 2: From the Top of Courthouse Towers 1
This nearly 180-degree view shows you what it's like at the top of Courthouse Towers looking down. You can see a back side view of the iconic Queen Nefertiti Rock if you look closely.

Image 3: From the Top of Courthouse Towers 2
Another place, another amazing vista

Image 4: Landscape Arch
The world's largest natural arch--over 300 feet wide.

Image 5: Fin Canyon

Image 6: Devil's Garden Fins

Image 7: Desert Blooms

Image 8: Devil's Garden Sunrise

Image 9: Crack Garden

Image 10: Contours

Image 11: Dune Garden

Image 12: Petroglyphs

Image 13: Within the Fins

Image 14: From the Top of Courthouse Towers 3

Image 15: From the Top of Courthouse Towers 4

Image 16: Mesa Arch
Includes a view of Washer Woman Arch as well.

Image 17: Grand View from Island in the Sky
This nearly 90-degree view shows just some of what is visible when you drive to the end of the Island: miles upon miles of vast, untamed wilderness.

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