Sunday, October 30, 2016

Series 42: Granddaddy Basin in the High Uintas

For being a place I've loved all my life, my attempts to capture the High Uinta Wilderness have fallen short. It's surprisingly hard to capture the beauty of the place through the narrow lens of a camera. However, I'm happy with this small sampling of the waterways in the Granddaddy Lake Basin.

Image 1: Pond I

Image 2: Pond II

Image 3: Betsy Lake at Dusk
The the fish are biting!

Image 4: Pond III

Image 5: Mohawk Lake in Early Morning

Image 6: Stream and Pond

Image 7: Pond IV

Series 41: Canyonlands Needles

Image 1: Chesler Park I

Image 2: Chesler Park II

Image 3: Chesler Park III

Image 4: Chokestones

Image 5: Chesler Park VI

Image 6: Needles After Storm

Image 7: Canyon Oasis

Image 8: Lost Springs Canyon

Image 9: Receding Storm I

Image 10: Receding Storm II

Image 11: Trussed-Up Turkeys

Image 12: Elephant Canyon I

Image 13: Elephant Canyon II

Image 14: Unlikely Life

Image 15: Newspaper Rock Detail

Image 16: Wilson Arch

Image 17: Chesler Park IV

Image 18: Chesler Park V

Image 19: Lost Springs Point

Series 40: Capitol Reef National Park

Image 1: Grand Cliffs in Autumn

Image 2: Sandstone

Image 3: Overlooking the River
This 180-degree panorama looks west to east along the main highway cutting through the reef from one of the many beautiful viewpoints the park trails offer.

Image 4: Overlooking the River II

Image 5: Grand Cliffs in Evening

Image 6: Grand Cliffs in Morning

Image 7: Water Tank

Image 8: Cohab Canyon

Image 9: Deception
This path actually leads to a several-hundred-foot-high precipice. The mountain is across the gulf.

Image 10: Last Light

Image 11: Shapes I

Image 12: Shapes II

Series 39: Native American Art

I've only recently begun to be fascinated by the ancient American artifacts that abound in the deserts of Utah. There is a treasure trove of art and artifacts left behind--all of it many hundreds of years old, some of it perhaps thousands of years old.  Below are a few samples of some of my favorite sites of those I've visited. It is distressing, to say the least, when evidence of modern vandalism is seen on these beautiful artifacts.

Image 1: Saint George Petroglyphs I

Image 2: Saint George Petroglyphs II

Image 3: Saint George Petroglyphs III

Image 4: The All-American Man

Image 5: Peek-a-boo Arch With Pictographs

Image 6: Newspaper Rock

Image 7: Newspaper Rock Detail

Image 8: Four Faces Ruins

Image 9: Four Faces

Image 10: Petroglyphs Near Wolfe Ranch

Image 11: Salt Creek Pictographs

Image 12: Salt Creek Ruins

Image 13: Tools and Corn Cobs

Image 14: Pottery Shards
Sadly, anything bigger than a couple of inches across has long since been looted.

Image 15: Granary and Living Gourd Garden
The plants growing on the left side are gourds that have reseeded themselves for probably the last 800 years or more. This amazingly fragile yet robust reminder of the people who once lived here was astonishing to behold, to say the least.

Image 16: Grinding Bowl in Clay

Image 17: Pictographs

Image 18: Big Ruin

Image 19: Cliff-side Condos

Image 20: Decaying Pictographs

Image 21: Long Panel With Lichen

Image 22: Zion Canyon Petroglyphs 1 - Sun and Snake

Image 23: Zion Canyon Petroglyphs 2 - Parade of Backpackers

Image 24: Zion Canyon Petroglyphs 3 - Party Time

Image 25: Zion Canyon Petroglyphs 4 

Image 26: Zion Canyon Petroglyphs 5

Image 27: Horse Collar Ruins Group 1

Image 28: Horse Collar Ruins Group 2

Image 29: Horse Collar Ruins Group 3

Image 30: Family Album Pictographs